Cyber Insurance

In the event of a cyber attack, our policy provides instant support by supplying you with IT, legal and PR support within one hour of you notifying insurers of the attack.

Your malware software may not be as strong as you think. Software that can be breached will allow a hacker to access private data, install malicious software and put your business at risk.

Amongst other things, cyber insurance will:

  • Provide immediate technical response by a team of IT consultants within one hour.
  • Identify whether the security or system failure is still occurring and establish the extent of the personal and corporate information compromised
  • Identify any compromised data
  • Provide reputational protection by expert legal advisers and PR consultants

Cyber insurance covers the costs to restore data that may have been damaged, stolen or corrupted, your loss of income directly flowing from the cyber attack and legal liabilities to third parties. Insurers will also settle ransom payments if required to do so. 

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