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We are passionate about your assets and work with the world’s leading insurers of fine homes, privately owned art, antiques, jewellery and cars.

Oddie Dalton provides specialist insurance and risk management solutions to affluent and discerning individuals. We believe you should be free to enjoy your possessions and, with a few reasonable exclusions, we can cover all your assets, anywhere in the World on an all risks basis. In short, we create certainty.

Our high net worth motor policies allow any person with a full UK driving licence to drive your car on a comprehensive basis and you are insured to drive any other vehicle not owned by you fully comprehensive. In the event of a motor accident, our high net worth insurers will provide a courtesy car of similar quality and allow you to choose the repairers to undertake the works. This may sound unusual, but it is not. It is just a question of finding an insurer who works with you.

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